My Story

Dave Quirk grew up in Klamath Falls, OR surrounded by the music of his large family. The oldest of seven children; he often heard the clear sound of his grandfather’s home-made violins and booming thunder of his uncle’s drums from an early age. He longed to make music of his own, but his father’s postman salary wouldn’t allow for the children to have private lessons. Not one to be held back, Dave taught himself to play the guitar and drums on instruments passed down to him. He quickly found his voice while plunking on the strings of his guitar and a love of music was born. He wouldn’t realize until later what a profound effect that music would have on his life. 

After high school, Dave joined the Navy, but his passion for good music never waned. He listened to artists like the Eagles, Black Crowes, Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and John Denver; and played rhythm guitar for a few bands along the way. For 23 years he served his country, traveled the world, and learned many great lessons, including the importance of perseverance. His final assignment landed him in a position to support a Navy SEAL Team, where he realized that anyone can raise the bar for their own expectations. Once he retired from the service, he committed himself to pursing the dream that had begun years ago and started writing songs. 

Always ready to learn, Dave used his GI Bill benefits to learn Pro Tools audio production and receive his Songwriter Master Certificate from the Berklee College of Music in September 2013. He's written with many pro writers, had songs cut by Indie artists, and regularly attends NSAI Chapter meetings in Kansas City.  He’s had songs referred to the NSAI Publisher Luncheon and taken regularly at GSC online pitches, and been placed on the NSAI “Ones to Watch” list multiple times.


Memberships and Associations:
Global Songwriters Connection
Nashville Songwriters Association International